SCIENTRIC introduces the HiCap™
Bench Top Supercapacitor Tester
(This product is no longer available for sale.)

Scientric introduces the world’s first compact supercapacitor tester. This rugged bench top unit now makes it easy to measure capacitance over an incredible range from a few millifarads to over a few thousand farads. Also, equivalent series resistances is measured with a push of a button. Values are accurate down to a few milliohms. No scopes, no separate power supplies, no fixturing, no setup, and no computational analysis are needed. Everything you need is provided in this unit. Operation is made simple with two pushbuttons along with a large, easy-to-read display which prompts the user. Voltage information is continuously displayed during a measurement providing feedback to the user. All of these features make the HiCap™ tester an ideal choice when fast, easy, and accurate measurements are needed. The HiCap™ tester is a cost-effective choice for production, engineering, quality, and R and D applications.

Partial list of features:

product perspective view

All in a compact package 3.5" H x 8.5" W x 10" D, 5.6 lbs.

product front view

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